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What is Mental Health?


The term "children's mental health" refers to children's social, emotional, and behavioural well-being, and is considered an integral part of children's healthy development. 


Just as with physical health, no one goes through life without some mental health problems. This is as true in childhood as it is in adulthood. Many such problems are a normal part of life. For the most part, we learn and grow from them.

Sometimes, however, our normal ways of handling mental health problems in ourselves or our children are unsuccessful. When this happens, we find ourselves in need of assistance from persons with specialized knowledge and skill.

Serious mental health problems in childhood can include serious depression, unmanageable behaviour, and an inability to get along with others. These problems can cause much stress and heartache to children, their families, their teachers, and the community. In addition, they often lead to even more serious mental health problems in adulthood. 


Counselling is advice that we receive from someone with special training to help us deal more effectively with our problems. Counselling generally takes an educational approach and deals with conscious issues. It guides our current insight and understanding of a problem, and offers relevant new information that might help us to solve the problem. 

Mental health
 treatment is a series of planned interventions, sometimes intensive in nature, based on a detailed assessment of the factors that have produced and are maintaining a problem. The interventions are aimed at bringing about changes in thoughts, feelings, behaviours, and interactions that, in turn, can help us solve or alleviate our problems. The process of treatment includes attention to thoughts, feelings, and behaviour that may not be in our immediate awareness (i.e., may be subconscious or unconscious). It may include medications for problems that are partly biochemical in nature (e.g., serious depression).  


The mandate of Blue Hills is to provide therapeutic services for children and youth with their parents or other family members. Blue Hills services children and youth aged birth to18 years of age. 

Parents that require personal counseling services can access treatment through Adult Mental Health Services at community services such as:  Family Services York Region, Catholic community Services of York Region or Canadian Mental Health Association- York Region.


Yes. Blue Hills is a voluntary service. The consent of parents/caregivers of children under 12 years of age is required. 


Yes. The services provided by Blue Hills are confidential. All Blue Hills staff adheres to a code of confidentiality. In the event of a disclosure of abuse {Hyperlink to Reporting Child Abuse pg 41 of this document}, we are obligated to report to the local child protection services. 


Families and/or Youth are encouraged to self refer. Once a client contacts the Intake department, an intake assessment is completed to determine whether or not the services at Blue Hills can meet the needs of the client. If the needs of the client are best met elsewhere, Blue Hills’ Intake Workers will work with the client to help navigate and connect them to services that will better suit their needs through a Warm Transfer.


The questions covered in the telephone interview (BCFPI)will give the program staff a general idea about the nature of the child or families’ difficulties and what may be the most appropriate service needed to meet the family’s needs. The telephone questionnaire is a requirement of the Ministry of Children and Youth Services and Blue Hills is a ministry regulated service. 


No. Blue Hills is funded by the provincial government (primarily by the Ministry of Children and Youth Services and the Ministry of the Attorney General)so that core treatment services can be provided free of charge.  A sliding fee may be attached to the Family Mediation Service.


Children and their families are normally assigned to a worker/therapist who will help them with assessment and treatment plans. Psychiatric and psychological consultations are available selectively for children in most of our programs, once the need for this type of assessment has been determined after program admission/ assessment is completed. Parents/guardians can not ask directly for services from a one of our consulting psychiatrist or psychologist. 


In the event a joint custody arrangement is in place, or no determination of custody has been established, a Declaration of Custody Form must be signed by both caregivers for the child to receive service. The child can not receive service until the Declaration of Custody form is signed. 


Blue Hills Child and Family Centre is dedicated to helping and supporting children, youth and families facing significant challenges in their day to day lives.  We specialize in supporting children, youth and families who are struggling with social, emotional, and behavioural challenges.  Working closely with the individual child/youth and family, we develop a unique plan of care using a large array of services within Blue Hills and the surrounding community.  We integrate our services with other service providers to offer the best care possible.


We offer many services, all designed to help a child/youth develop a healthy mental outlook.  Beginning with the first phone call, we establish the priorities and needs of the family and utilize as many resources as necessary to help and support the child/youth and the family.  Services may be found at Blue Hills, in the community, and/or with other agencies.


Because each person’s situation is unique, there is no pre-determined length of time for treatment. Once families are connected to Blue Hills, they remain involved until treatment is no longer necessary.  Treatment can be re-initiated by contacting the case coordinator should issues recur after discharge. Follow up upon closure is a routine component of our aftercare service.


Blue Hills offers assistance for children from birth to18 years of age, and their families. We believe in the benefits of early intervention and have developed specialized services for families with infants/children under 6 years of age.


Yes.  Family counselling is a key component of our intervention services. 


Services are offered in a variety of settings including the community, the families’ homes as well as on site at Blue Hills.  Some services are best provided at the Blue Hills site, and these will be discussed with you by your clinician.


If there are particular behaviours troubling you, Blue Hills’ staff will help you to develop strategies that will continue to enhance the goals of your family.  The plan of care can be revised at any time. 


There is no waiting list to access our services. Families are invited to meet with our intake staff within one week of their call.  If appropriate our Brief Services are available within five days of completing the Intake process. Depending on the circumstances, there may be a short wait for ongoing clinical services.  During this time you will be contacted regularly by a case worker and if the need becomes urgent, arrangements will be made for you and your family. (May be offered alternative short term interventions)


Call us at 905-773-4323 or 1-800-536-7608.  One of our Intake staff will quickly determine how best your needs might be met.  We will work with you until the right resource is found for you.


Blue Hills' Staff have a variety of educational backgrounds, experience and expertise. Blue Hills employs approximately 80 staff made up of social workers, child and youth workers, psychotherapists, play therapists, mediators, ADR specialists, as well as consulting psychologists and psychiatrist. Blue Hills appreciates the complexity of the challenges that families are dealing with. When appropriate Blue Hills uses the input of different disciplines in order to provide the assessment and treatment that best meets the needs of the children, youth and families we serve.


We well understand that York Region is a very diverse and multicultural community.  Every effort is made to honour the customs and traditions of children, youth and families that are referred.   Our staff will help you develop strategies to link with the larger community.  We welcome requests and will do our best to accommodate them.  We offer translations of many languages through qualified interpreters.

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