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Children's Mental Health Week 2018

  CHILDREN'S MENTAL HEALTH WEEK 2018 Children's Mental Health Week is Taking Place May 7th-13th, 201...


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Success Stories

Qi's Story

Qi is an adolescent male who presented with depression and suicide ideation.

  He attended sessions with his father who has also struggled with depression. Three years ago, Qi’s suicidal thoughts led him to jump out of his window and run away from home. More recently, Qi reported that these thoughts were reappearing again and was hoping for support. The workers created a safety plan which outlined all of Qi’s supports and support systems to provide reassurance when he felt low. Together they addressed Qi’s “lows’ in hopes of creating a better understanding of what Qi was up against. Using a strength based approach, the worker and Qi created a “backpack” of strategies to combat the depressive thoughts. After 6 sessions, Qi reported feeling happier and excited about his future. He utilized his strengths by making new friends, thinking and speaking positively, challenging his negative thoughts and using self-reflective practice.


Sarah's Story

Sarah attended Blue Hills with her mother and father in hopes of receiving support around her lack of motivation.

  Sarah was also struggling with her weight and with her academics and was hoarding food. When they first attended Blue Hills, her mother and father, self reported being in a high conflict separation and were struggling to live together while sorting through the legal issues. The Brief Service aimed at helping the family in the preparation for change. Sarah’s parents came together to discuss how they would work together or separately in the ways that would be most effective in supporting their daughter. Once they came to an understanding, Sarah’s parents decided that they were not ready to separate and felt they had “more fight left”. Once the family was able to support Sarah, a solution-focused approach was used in order to support Sarah on her journey towards increased motivation and an active life-style that would bring her closer to her goal of being a paramedic. Sarah began to see her self as an athletically active person and even began seeking extra support in school. When asked what was helpful about the Brief Service, Sarah said “I like that we didn’t talk about was wrong with us, but focused instead on right now”.
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