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Intensive Mental Health Services

Intensive Services are offered across York Region to Blue Hills’ clients and to those families receiving services from other York Region agencies.  The family and referring agency have assessed that the family could benefit from a short-term intensive mental health support.

  • The aim of Intensive Services is to collaboratively work with children, youth, their families, and referring community agencies in a time-intensive, focused short-term manner to strengthen family members’ competency to stabilize safely and enhance functioning within a child/youth’s family home, school and community.  A variety of goal-focused and individualized clinical approaches are used to achieve this.  The service relies on collaborative and cooperative working with other agencies as well as with the families.  Referrals are accepted from the families/clients themselves (self-referral), physicians, schools, other mental health agencies, community agencies and hospitals.

Who is eligible?

  • Families with high needs experiencing complex situations needing immediate intervention for a short period of time;
  • Children and youth whose capacity to function effectively in their homes and communities would be strengthened by an intensive program;
  • Families who need focused, practical coping solutions through time-intensive interventions in the home, school and community in addition to more traditional services;
  • A profile on the Brief Child and Family Phone Interview (BCFPI) and Child and Adolescent Functional Assessment Scale (CAFAS) that indicates parent/child attachment/individual relationship and other difficulties require intensive services;
  • Families with ongoing or chronic difficulties who can make use of focused home-based interventions contracted around specific concerns, or families who have experienced acute or unexpected difficulties and may need short-term but intensive help in their homes;
  • Children or youth awaiting residential placement that may be able to respond to an intensive program provided it does not mask the need if residence is required;


How we help?

  • Provide brief, (short term) focused, multi-dimensional, community based services to children, youth and families.
  • Provide individualized service for each child and family that is  responsive to their changing needs.
  • Provide support to clients accessing the Integrated Crisis Response Service
  • Provide short-term Intensive Play Therapy services

The mandate of Intensive Intervention Services is to offer a spectrum of resources that reflect best practices as established in the research and guided by theoretical orientation and to provide services which respond in a timely and time-intensive way to impact on crisis situations and issues that impact on the mental health of children, youth and families in order to preserve the child/youth in the family and prevent their placement outside the home. Services are short term, maximum 3-6 months. Families are referred to community agencies if longer term service is required or provided longer-term service within Blue Hills if they are not already being served by another agency within the community.

Home based meetings with our Intensive Clinical Workers allow caregivers to learn to address the needs of their children through using parenting skills that work!  Working in the environments in which the problems are experienced provides the best support for developing realistic and caregiver directed approaches.   Ongoing treatment evaluation is done in partnership with caregivers in order to promote positive relationships that can maximize the probability of positive long-term outcomes.  Supported transitions to other programs and school placements, follow-up visits, continued access to family counseling and parenting groups are available after ending active involvement with the Intensive Mental Health Service

The Service relies on collaborative and cooperative work with referring and other agencies as well as with the families involved.  Service is individualized for each child/youth and family and responsive to their changing needs.

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