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Intake Services

The over arching goal of the Intake department is to provide seamless connections between the public and the services it requires.

Whether outside callers meet Blue Hill’s service mandate criteria and are linked to internal services, or if they are best served via outside resources, the Intake department will provide personal and knowledgeable support until the callers are connected with the resources they need.  Families who for various reasons, would better be served elsewhere, will be assisted by the warm transfer process.  The warm transfer will ensure families are connected directly to other resources, either by the Intake Coordinator making the direct referral call or where the family wishes to call themselves, the Intake Coordinator will follow up with the family to ensure the connection has been made. 

A new enhanced screening was implemented in November 2011, to address the historic long wait list issues as well as to be more responsive to client needs.

Upon receiving a referral call the Intake department who will assess with the caller as to whether the request for service matches the service mandate of Blue Hills and catchment area. If it has been determined that the needs of the family can be appropriately met at Blue Hills, the Brief Child and Family Phone Interview (BCFPI) will be scheduled within a one week period.  This tool assists to determine specific client service needs and areas of strengths and concerns. Following completion of the BCFPI, an appointment will be made for a single session consultation with the parent(s)/guardians within one week after completing the BCFPI. (In some instances older children/youth can be included in this meeting if appropriate.)  The Intake Coordinator will then email the family a welcome letter that confirms their upcoming appointment and outlines any required reports or documents they will need to bring with them.  The email will also include:; directions to Blue Hills, the Who We Are package, the Who We Are Confirmation and the Document Checklist.

The purpose of the new face to face consultation is to complete the screening process of gathering relevant information, a more fulsome screening treatment picture and for the collection of documents.  The goal of the enhanced screening is to process all referrals within a three week time period.  The Intake Coordinators will then complete the paperwork and the family will move on to being assigned to Brief Services, where they will work with a Brief therapist for up to 6 sessions. (See new Service flow chart – attached and Brief Service) 

The Intake Coordinators and Brief Workers meet together regularly to ensure a smooth flow of families between the two services.

Specific screening will be done to determine whether the family will be referred to Blue Hills’ Brief Services, the 0-6 Services or receive more immediate services based on risk and needs assessment. Clients who have been identified as requiring “intensive” immediate services will be assisted immediately and access to Intensive service confirmed.  

Intensive requests will be notified within 24-48 hours of the next steps.  The BCFPI should be completed within 5 days.  The intensive worker will meet with the family within 5 days and will gather documents and sign consents directly with the family.

Families with children under the age of 7, who live within the 0-6 catchment area of Blue Hills, will complete a thorough telephone screening.  If the needs of the family can be met by our services, they will be mailed the Welcome Package to return with the necessary required paperwork.  Once all documents are received, 0-6 families will be waitlisted for the next available 0-6 worker to be assigned.  (This process is being re-evaluated to determine the appropriateness of enhanced screening).

If Blue Hills is not the most appropriate service for callers, the screener will facilitate/navigate a referral on behalf of the client to other appropriate service, through the warm transfer process.

The Intake Department will utilize language/cultural interpreters where appropriate/necessary.

To be responsive to client and community needs in a manner that reflects the mission and beliefs of the agency. Office coverage in Screening is from 9:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., Monday to Friday. BCFPI appointments, screening calls and face to face meetings can be scheduled outside of office hours. Commitment is to respond to telephone calls within 24 - 48 business hours.

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