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Children's Mental Health Week 2018

  CHILDREN'S MENTAL HEALTH WEEK 2018 Children's Mental Health Week is Taking Place May 7th-13th, 201...


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Every service sector has their own language and ways of describing things in short form. The glossary below is a helpful list of abbreviations most commonly used in the Children and Youth service sector in Ontario. 

ABA   Applied Behaviour Analysis (Autism)
ADM   Assistant Deputy Minister
ADR   Alternative Dispute Resolution
AFCC   Association of Family and Conciliation Courts
ASD   Autism Spectrum Disorder
BANAC   Barrie Area Native Advisory Committee
BCFPI   Brief Child and Family Phone Interview
BE   Behaviour Exceptionality
BMS-YS   Behaviour Management Services-York/Simcoe
CAFAS   Child and Adolescent Functional Assessment Scale
CANS   Child and Adolescent Needs and Strengths 
CAS   Children’s Aid Society
CCA   Canadian Centre for Accreditation
CCAC   Community Care Access Centre
CCC   Children’s Case Coordination(hosted at YSSN)
CCES   Children in Care Enrichment Service (BH & CAS partnership)
CER   Central East Region – One of 9 MCYS/MCSS Regional offices located in Newmarket (includes York, Simcoe, Durham, Northumberland (Highland  Shores), Kawartha-Haliburton) 
C&A   Custody and Access
CFSA   Child and Family Services Act – Provincial legislation the governs child welfare and young offenders 
CIRG   Community Inclusivity Reference Committee 
CLP   Community Living Program
CMHO   Children’s Mental Health Ontario (Provincial Association)  
COMPASS Community Partners with Schools 
CPM   Child Protection Mediation (ADR)
CRC   Children’s Rehabilitation Centre
CTN   Children’s Treatment Network- Simcoe/York
CYW   Child & Youth Worker
DD   Dual Diagnosis
DS   Developmental Services
DSW   Developmental Services Worker
EA   Educational Assistant
EBP   Evidence Based Practice
EIS   Early Intervention Services – York Region
EO   Education Officer with the Ministry of Education
ETFO   Elementary Teachers’ Federation of Ontario
FAE   Fetal Alcohol Effects
FAS   Fetal Alcohol Syndrome
FGC   Family Group Conferencing (ADR)
FGDM   Family Group Decision Making (ADR)
FLIC   Family Law Information Centre located at the Newmarket Courthouse
GTA   The Greater Toronto Area: Halton + Peel + York + Simcoe + Durham + Toronto
HSPB    Human Services Planning Board of York Region
IBI   Individualized service modality for children with Autism
ICT beds   Integrated Counselling and Treatment Beds (2) in our Residence
ICW   Integrated Clinical Worker
IEP   Individual Education Plan (Education)
IPRC   Identification, Placement & Review Committee (Education)
IRC   Information & Referral Coordinator at the FLIC (Family Mediation Service)
ISA   Intensive Support Amount-Min of Ed.
LD   Learning Disabled
LDAO   Learning Disabilities Association of Ontario
MCSS   Ministry of Community & Social Services (funds DS sector)
MCYS   Ministry of Children and Youth Services – funds Blue Hills  
MAG   Ministry of the Attorney General-funds Mediation Service
MHC   YR Mental Health Collaborative for children, youth and families
MIG   Modified Interaction Guidance
MIP   Mandatory Information Program
MOE   Ministry of Education
MST   Multi-systemic treatment or therapy
MSWP   Making Services Work for People (government document on system change)
OACAS   Ontario Association of Children’s Aid Societies
OARTY   Ontario Association of Residences Treating Youth
ODSP   Ontario Disability Support Program
OEYC   Ontario Early Years Centre
OSR   Ontario Student Record
PAAC on SEAC Provincial Parent Associations Advisory Committee on Special Education Advisory Committees – gives guidance to Boards of Education
PIEDDA   Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act
PCMH   Parents for Children’s Mental Health
Forum   York Region Forum for Children, Youth and their Families 
SEAC   Special Education Advisory Committee
Section 23 Day Treatment Classroom funded in part by the Min of Ed (Section from the Education Act) 
SEPPA   Special Education Per Pupil Amount
SSLI   Student Support Leadership Initiative
SSN   Social Services Network (South Asian Social Service)
SERT   Special Education Resource Teacher
SWHI   Support Worker Hearing Impaired
TAP   Teacher Advisor Program
Triple P   Evidence based Positive Parenting Program
UFC   Unified Family Court
UWYR   United Way York Region
VAW   Violence Against Women Services
YCAS   York Children’s Aid Society
YCJA   Youth Criminal Justice Act (new Fed act replacing the YOA, implemented in 2003)
YDCSB   York District Catholic School Board
YRCCAAS   York Region Centralized Consultation and Assessment Service hosted at Blue Hills (partnership between BH and Youthdale)
YRCCRS   York Region Centralized Children’s Respite Service (Children’s Mental Health agency referrals only) Hosted at Blue Hills.
YRDSB   York Region District School Board (Public)
YRCI   York Region Central Intake (residential beds)
YSSN   York Support Services Network

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