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Children's Mental Health Week 2018

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Stronger Together to Serve Families

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Community Outreach & Capacity Building

Community Education and Partnerships, Networking, and Program Development.

Blue Hills Child and Family Centre has a long history and commitment to supporting and raising the capacity of York Region’s community, families and services in understanding children’s mental health and is dedicated to strengthening competencies and enhancing the abilities of other systems to address the needs of children, youth and their families to promote child mental health and well being. 

Since 2007 our community outreach and capacity building service has been delivering activities in accordance with the Ontario’s Policy Framework for Child and Youth Mental Health MCYS 2007. The policy framework recognized that children, youth and their families /caregivers needed a flexible broad continuum of services and supports to meet their changing needs through key developmental and academic sector transitions. When Ontario's Comprehensive Mental Health and Addictions Strategy, Open Minds Healthy Minds, was released in June 2011, Blue Hills Child and Family Centre staff reviewed our strategy’s vision, mission and goals, we found that our community outreach and capacity building services were alligned with Goal #1 and Goal #2 of the new Ontario Comprehensive Mental Health and Addictions Strategy, which aims to:

Goal #1

Improve mental health and well-being for all Ontarians by:

  • Identifying mental health needs as early as possible and provide coordinated, high quality programs and services closer to home.
  • Improving mental health literacy through targeted education and awareness programs to reach people most at risk.
  • Involving workplaces and encouraging them to develop and deliver education and awareness programs and services, while helping those with mental health and addictions issues to better cope in the workplace.

Goal #2

Create healthy, resilient, and inclusive communities by:

  • Reducing stigma and discrimination through more mental health promotion practices for children and youth, educators, health providers, workplaces, seniors' service providers, municipal service providers, justice providers and the public.
  • Building on current programs to deliver services through community settings.

Ultimately our Community outreach and capacity building efforts will be aimed at engaging in community development opportunities and partnerships which will promote the de-stigmatization of mental health, support children’s mental health acceptance and service delivery within the school system, build trust within our diverse communities, demystify and normalize parenting challenges while strengthening individual and parenting capacity  to better understand the skills needed to become more resilient and able to access needed services/resources for themselves and their children as required.

Our guiding principles as we work with individuals, community partners and communities is to be child centered, family driven, strength and community based as we continue with our commitment to improving the resiliency and protective factors of children, youth and their families in York Region.

Embedded in this process is outreach and inclusion of our diverse communities prmoting equity, diversity and inclusion in our planning, programming, service delivery and decision making processes. As a part of this process we will continue to develop specific partnerships with a broad range of service providers, communities, groups and individuals.

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