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Children's Residential Therapeutic Services

A therapeutic residential and intervention service accessed only through referral from York Region Residential Central Intake.
  • On-Site Residence at Blue Hills for boys and girls 7 to 13 years of age
  • Therapeutic Milieu, individual, group and family counseling
  • Follow Up/After Care

Blue Hills Child and Family Centre offers a mental health residential treatment program on site for 8 children, both male and female, ages 7 to 13.  The residential program is an intensive, therapeutic, twenty-four hour care and treatment program for children whose social, emotional and behavioural difficulties are such that they have been unable to adequately function in a family setting, even with the provision of less intrusive service alternatives such as outpatient counselling or day treatment. Family members are encuraged to visit and continue their parenting role where ever possible with their child.   

How we help?

  • The residential program is aimed at enhancing each child’s areas of competence and at developing appropriate skills in individual areas of need. 
  • The therapeutic environment within the residence is carefully constructed and focuses on providing a culture that is structured, supportive, and safe. 
  • The residence uses the milieu environment, i.e. everyday life situations, to help the children learn life skills and problem solving. 
  • Staff utilize an interactive approach that is family-centred and strength based. All interaction and activity with the children, families and caregivers is designed to promote mental health wellness and opportunities to learn, practice and integrate new skills and strategies.
  • Each child in the residence will also be assigned a case coordinator who will be an active member of the clinical team and support both the child and family and help to make the transition back home as smooth as possible.

Our Residential Program emphasizes structure, and incorporates the day-to-day routines families normally have in their homes, such as wake-up, mealtime, and study times. This consistency and predictability is augmented by daily group therapy meetings, in which children and staff discuss their difficulties and better ways of working together.

While in residence, children attend regular community schools or special classes.

Blue Hills recognizes that the decision to admit a child to residential treatment is stressful for children and their families. A Blue Hills Integrated Clinical Worker will help prepare everyone and will provide ongoing family support and therapy.

Blue Hills strives to adapt its services to a child’s religion, heritage, and cultural identity.

Children are referred by professionals such as other children’s mental health services, children’s aid societies or other agencies and all referrals are processed through York Region Central Intake (YRCI) with the assistance of a Residential Screener.  The average length of treatment averages 6-12 months, but is determined on an individual client basis. 

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