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Central East Region Alternative Dispute Resolution Service

In partnership with York CAS, Durham CAS, Kawartha-Haliburton CAS and Highland Shores CAS, DFCC, Kawartha Court Assessment Service, BANAC & DBCFS.



Service helps families resolve disputes with the Children’s Aid Society through alternatives such as Family Group Decision Making, Child Protection Mediation, the Durham Project, and Aboriginal Approaches.

This hosted service provides a coordinated, integrated model of delivery of ADR to all five (5) CAS’s in Central East Region. 

Alternative Dispute Resolution is an alternative to the Court system for families involved with CAS. It helps resolve issues, make plans for children and improve the relationship between families and CAS. To find a CAS in your community contact OACAS.

What Are The Types?

  • Family Group Decision Making is a meeting that brings families and their children together with the CAS, relatives and friends to help create a care plan for the children. The family is the author of the plan.
  • Child Protection Mediation is a voluntary method for resolving issues with the Children’s Aid Society by using a trained child protection mediator.
  • Aboriginal Approaches are methods of dispute resolution that are designed and delivered by and for Aboriginal people and their families. Please let your worker know if you self-identify as Aboriginal and would like an Aboriginal approach to ADR.
  • The Durham Project is specific to Durham region. The purpose of this project is to move child protection cases to Alternative Dispute Resolution early in the process through a case conference. The case conference lasts about 2 hours and is facilitated by a trained, experienced lawyer

CER ADR testimonials:

"“Very helpful. Really accommodating to our needs” – FGDM Participant"
"“I never thought we’d actually pull it off” –CPM Participant"
"“ We came together and connected”- FGDM participant"
"“ We still went to trial but it made it way easier” – CPM Participant"
"“A great deal of planning allowed the day to be a success” – FGDM participan"

To make a Refferal:

Please contact the ADR Coordinator at: 905-773-4323 ext:305 or (toll free at: 1-866-536-7608 ext:305)

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