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Birth To Six Services

Offered in partnership with Kinark Child and Family Services and York Centre for Children Youth and Families.

The service is provided through a York Region partnership with Kinark Child and Family Services and The York Centre for Children, Youth and Families, providing mental health services to children 6 years and under. Each of the partners has a predetermined geographic priority area for its service. 

The 0-6 Integrated Clinical Service is a process of integrating service delivery focused on case coordination, case management and intensive program consultation offered to community child care and kindergarten centers as well as case coordination, case management and intensive family work offered to children and their families in the home, community or at Blue Hills Child and Family Centre.

Who is eligible?

  • Children, youth and their families are encouraged to self refer, however referrals are also accepted from professionals on behalf of clients.
  • In its accountability to the 0-6 Children's Mental Health partnership in York Region, access to this part of the service is co-ordinated through existing and agreed upon access points within the community, for example the Ontario Early Years Centres, Day Care and Nursery Schools and through JK and SK throughout the School Boards, Early Intervention Services, as well as between The York Centre and Kinark.

In accordance with the mandate of Blue Hills, the service is committed to offering infants/ children and their family’s opportunities to achieve social and emotional well-being in an environment of dignity, respect and professional excellence. The components of the service include:

  • Program Consultations to child care settings and schools offering the JK and SK program.  Program Consultations are a structured 7 session model developed and implemented in conjunction with the other two agencies in order to improve both the quality and consistency of delivery of these program consultations.
  • Brief Assessment Service is an initial service to attend to presenting concerns in a timely manner and support a more thorough assessment process which can identify client needs that may require more intensive or longer term intervention. The Brief Assessment Service also helps address and reduce the wait times on our current waitlist.
  • On-Going 0-6 Intervention Services focuses on case coordination, case management and intensive family work offered to meet the needs of children and their families as needed or clinically advised. 0-6 Clinicians will support families by helping coordinate and respond therapeutically to the families’ identified clinical needs. Parents will be linked to other agencies for specific services if their needs can not be fully met at Blue Hills. A strong emphasis will be placed on supporting parents to enhance their parenting skills. Individualized intervention strategies and therapies could include individual therapy, play or art therapy, child management, family therapy, couple marital therapy, attachment evidence based interventions for example Modified Interaction Guidance, Watch, Wait and Wonder and Evidence based Assessment tool such as the Working Model of the Child Interview.
  • Group based programming, for example Triple P, FUN Friends, RIRO-Reaching in Reaching Out
  • Education workshops offered to parents or and child care providers or educational settings.
  • Consultation Services within Blue Hills' range of consultants, for example psychiatric, psychological, speech and language, and multi-disciplinary teams.
  • Collaborative partnerships and formal linkages with EIS, adult mental health and autism services.
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